Learn to make wet cyanotypes and lumen prints: August 18 and 19

August 18 and 19.png

The first workshop was such a success that I'm offering it again! The Wet Cyanotype and Lumen Print Workshop is a two day intensive on August 18 and 19, at my home studio in SW Portland. 

Length: 10 am to 3 pm each day, to take maximum advantage of sunlight, with a break for lunch provided by me unless there are any strict dietary restrictions. 

Saturday: We'll start with the wet cyanotype method, and we'll cover different papers and various ways of altering the emulsion to enhance end results, as well as in the development stage. Each student will be provided with a Jacquard Cyanotype Starter Set, which they'll be able to take home after the workshop to produce prints on their own. We'll also play around with the classic technique. We'll make excursions around the neighborhood to gather leaves and flowers, and play with my extensive library of transparencies. If you have any images on transparencies you would like to bring, please do so! They must be on laser print transparencies and not inkjet. 

Sunday: We'll process our cyanotypes that we left overnight for extra long exposure times and experiment with toning some of the previous day's work, and make lumen prints. I have a wide variety of photographic papers, resin coated and fiber based, with glossy, matte, semi-matte, lustre, and pearl surfaces so students can see the wonderful range of effects possible with them. We'll experiment with toning the prints to enhance the range of colors, using a selenium toner bath. Once again, we'll have a break for lunch provided by me. There is also a Starbucks and grocery store close by if anybody needs anything. 

Price: $375 for both days, all materials included. Students will go home with a boatload of prints and ideas for more! 

Space is restricted to 3 students. As of now one has already committed, so there are two spaces left. If interested in taking the workshop, please email me at krista@kristamccurdy.com

Come explore this wonderful world!