Income Report: January

Now that my art has started selling, I'm tracking just how much money I'm making from it every month. Not that it's a ton! 

January Income:

Ultra Violet Rectangular Pillow

Ultra Violet Rectangular Pillow

Artfully Walls: $83.61
Society6: $43
Etsy: $219.61
Instagram: $35

Total: $381.22

I opened a second Society6 shop at the very end of the year, one devoted specifically to abstracts. The most popular by far? The Ultra Violet (Pantone's color of the year) pillow. 

So, not too shabby. However, let's see if I can increase that amount for February! I've figured out that I really need to be making $3500 - $4000 a month to cover bills, pay off debt, save a little, and general expenses. Not all of that is going to come from selling my art, but I'd like the majority of it to! 

Income Report January.png