Prints of Prints of Prints

(Disclaimer-- this post contains affiliate links. I do receive a small commission if you sign up with Printful) I've been absent from here for a while, but am back! I love that I'm able to offer prints of my work now so easily with the Printful integration with Etsy. Back when I was a practicing artist, over ten years ago, offering prints was a costly gamble. You had to front the money, and there was no guarantee you would sell the prints....let alone being able to afford the money to print different sizes of the same image. Now, there are a plethora of Print-On-Demand (POD) sites, and it's SO easy to offer prints. Printful integrates with a ton of e-commerce sites, like Big Cartel and Woo Commerce, but it also integrates with platforms like Etsy-- in fact, I think it's the only print on demand site fully integrated with Etsy. 

This integration is awesome. All I have to do is upload my images, pick what I want them printed on (Printful offers a wide range of things to print on like T-shirts and mugs as well as art prints), pick the sizes, add my markup price, and list it! All the up front cost to me is the Etsy listing fee and my time. When a customer places an order, It's all taken care of on Printful's end. 

My work works so well as prints. Because the cyanotypes and collages are small, they're very easy to scan. I do have to do all the color editing in the morning with daylight, to get the correct color matching, but that's the only hiccup. What I love is that I'm able to offer prints of pieces that I want to keep the originals of. (reminder to self: remove original Wandering Flowers cyanotype)



These two collages are ones I made years ago,  and have kept ever since. I love that I can now offer them as prints! It's also super interesting to me to see how my style has changed so much, even though I wasn't really making work between the time I created these and today. Almost as if a separate self was running parallel......