This technique has become known as the wet cyanotype process. Essentially, the process is breaking all the rules of the traditional cyanotype process, where I'm deliberately introducing moisture and using long exposure times, up to 48 hours or even more. 

Hake Brush
Water tray
Containers for water and emulsion
Two panes of glass
Cyanotype emulsion (I use Jacquard's Cyanotype Starter Set)
Printmaking paper.

Hake Brush: Dick Blick
Jacquard Cyanotype Starter Set: Dharma Trading Co.
Glass: Home Depot 
Transparencies: Amazon 
Printmaking Paper: Dick Blick

I've been asked how long I left the prints developing in the water. I'd say at least 30 minutes but I've left them in there for longer mainly because I forgot about them. 

Wet Cyanotype 1.png